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User interface

  1. Menu: The complete software can be controlled by particular menu items.
  2. Original picture: Here you can see the original picture that is to be generated by the mosaic (scaling possible – see domain 6. ZOOM)
  3. Mosaic picture: This is a preview of the generated mosaic picture (scaling possible – see domain 6. ZOOM)
  4. Options: The complete software control can be achieved by the options at the right side of the window. They change automatically depending on the program status. All basic options can also be operated by the menu.
  5. Statusrow: Each software status is described in this row. In addition the user can find information to start further steps.
  6. Zoom: Here two sliders can be found to scale the two pictures (original picture and mosaic picture).

Sequential program flow

Basically generating mosaics is proceeded sequentially:

General information

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