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In connexion with generating mosaics tiling means those methods that construct the mosaic with elements without gaps. Depending on different methods particular aims are pursued.

Basic elements only


This method of tiling completely constructs the mosaic with the smallest unit - the basic element. By a high speed this method can be used in particular to find out a mode of quantisation suitable for the original picture independently of the tiling.

Element size optimisation


This method tries to choose elements as big as possible (depending on the colours of the mosaic). That means a clearly shorter time of construction.

Molding optimisation


When using molding optimisation (Ministeck-configuration) we try to use all Ministeck moldings as far as possible. So it is possible to reduce the number of moldings as well as the costs.

Optimisation: In connexion with some methods of quantisation you will automatically find a dialogue for an additional optimisation. Here you can still reduce the number of moldings. By recolouring particular elements small losses in quality are possible.

Costs optimisation


Similar to the molding optimisation you can save costs when generating mosaics. Depending on the expense factors for the configuration we try to construct the mosaic with elements as advantageous as possible (the expense factors you find in the system configurations are average values of big online-shopping portals.

Stability optimisation


Stability optimisation is only available in LEGO side view. Here elements are not built on a base plate, they must stabilize themselves instead by being built on top of each other. The method tries to construct the elements as a wall to avoid large vertical gaps.

Optimisation: This method also includes an optimisation by recolouring particular elements. You can choose between an additional treatment of the edges or breaking open the gaps from a particular height in the complete mosaic. By recolouring slight losses in quality are possible.

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