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Choice of working directory


At a first start of PicToBrick a system dialogue for choosing a working directory is automatically opened. In this directory user-defined configurations as well as output documents are saved. Restarting the software the last used directory can be used again (if available). A modification of the directory is possible at any time with the menu item data - working directory.

Loading a picture

Using the appropriate button in the options you can start a system dialogue for loading the original picture. At present JPG,GIF and PGN (8bit) are available.

Load, derivate or generate a configuration


With a particular button in the options a configuration can be loaded. A configuration contains information concerning the utilised mosaic material (colours, forms, costs, etc.). Three system configurations are already available: LEGO in top view, LEGO in side view and Ministeck. Besides these system configurations it is possible to derivate your own configurations or new configurations from already available ones by editing.

Input of mosaic dimensions


Running through the options top down the input of mosaic dimensions is possible. That can be done giving the millimetres or the number of basis elements. Operating the dialog window the dimension units of basis elements are important.

Choice of the right cutout


Depending on the width-to-height ratio of the mosaic dimensions a cutout of the original picture can be chosen by mouse (from top left to down right). As soon as it is opened it can still be moved (Keep mouse button pressed inside the cutout rectangle). By mouse click outside the cutout rectangle it will be reset and can be opened again.
By double click with pressed shift button inside the original picture the largest cutout possible will be chosen automatically.
It can be confirmed either by a particular button or double click inside the cutout rectangle.

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