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PicToBrick is a software to generate mosaics from digital pictures. The materials to construct the mosaic as well as their colours and forms can be chosen freely. For mosaics constructed by Ministeck® and LEGO® PicToBrick provides complete system configurations. These configurations contain information for current colours and respectively forms of elements and can be modified and enlarged user-defined.

To get results as good as possible for different master illustrations seven methods of colour definition (quantisation) are at your disposal. In addition you can choose between five methods to define the element forms (tiling).

Besides the produced mosaic picture PicToBrick provides a multitude of different output documents. Among other things they contain a list of materials, a construction manual as well as information about the utilised colours and forms of material.

PicToBrick was completely developed in JAVA and can be used cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac). The software is published as open source under GPL2. Furthermore PricToBrick is free.

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